INTRO Dear customer We are pleased to present you with our young plants and seed catalogue for spring 2020. Our production and distribution location in Cambridgeshire enables us to deliver you high quality plants every week, unhindered by borders and legislation. The assortment consists of the best varieties that have been proven at a local and interna- tional level. The assortment consists of the best varieties according to our experience and it has been expanded with many attractive novelties as usual, something we at Volmary have a proud tradition of doing. The exceptionally popular Verbena bonariensis still sells in huge volumes and is now available in a brand new and exclusive compact form, with a growth height of approximately 30-40 cm, making it ideal for growing in pots on patios and in borders. The purple and scented owers of Verbena Royal Dreams ® will delight consumers and nature lovers. Bees and other insects are particularly attracted to this brand-new plant, from early summer to the beginning of Winter. Our increasingly popular and widely known ower and herb trio young plants are now combined in a separate section for ease of visibility. We hope you nd that easier to use. We also introduce an increasing range of ower mixtures available as seed. Gardeners are increasingly interested in encouraging nature into their gardens and we expect huge demand for these new product lines. Anyone looking for o ers for particularly colourful and near- natural gardens will nd what they are searching for. Try selling as mixed small starter pots or large and more garden ready pots for later season for that almost instant e ect. Sales of small-fruited varieties of grafted fruit vegetables have been signi cantly increasing for Volmary. We o er the widest series that includes both solid producers of lots of fruit through to the novelty varieties for specialists. It’s a great way to encourage children into the garden as well, even if only a small space is available with patio pots. The two cherry tomato series Solena ® with round, particularly sweet fruits and Mirado ® with oval, refreshing and crisp fruits are following this trend. Anyone who has tasted the avour of a Mirado ® Red, for example, will also be enthused to buy the other Mirado ® colours ranging from yellow, lemon and orange to pink and dark coloured. Potatoes are particularly desirable. Up until now, only seed potatoes are o ered before the Season, appealing to only specialist amateur gardeners. Brand new is the innovative pot potato Adessa ® , which is sown like tomatoes and is o ered with other vegetable varieties to match the planting seasons. It couldn't be easier, buy a plug, put it into a pot for a very short window and sell them. We expect very large sales of this novel new product so book early. We encourage you to make use of our branding for this product. Labels and pots are available, and sales will be supported by our online presence. In addition to being able to order seeds and young plants around the clock, our webshop service o ers support by way of access to current availabilities, existing orders and an option to easily place follow-up orders based on previous purchases. Both our experienced sales representatives and o ce sta are happy to advise you about our varieties and their cultivation requirements. Yours sincerely Spring Assortment 2021 Volmary ® Plant Brand Concept 2-3 Volmary ® Online Service / Multikraft ® 4 Ferns 5 Bedding & Balcony Plants 6-153 Trio Assortments 154-158 Flower Mixtures 159-161 Cut Flowers 162-193 Pumpkins 194-224 Perennials 225-283 Grasses 284-296 Potted Vegetables 297-304 Vegetables 305-353 Herbs 354-374 Fruit 375-382 Table of Contents 383-384 Terms and Conditions 385 Legend Fold-out on and Calendar the backside Contents Volmary Plant Breeding and Information Centre